Common Man Cannery is small and mighty. We start with traditionally caught PEI North Atlantic oysters and process them using only the most stringent seafood processing standards. Our wild oysters are smoked, canned and shipped directly from our small cannery, about a mile inland. 
We source only the highest quality wild oysters, growing naturally in the cold, clean inlets around Prince Edward Island, in Eastern Canada. Our oysters are hand picked by local oyster fishermen and women from dory boats using a centuries old tradition of long tongs. Oysters are graded on the boat's culling board, mature oysters are brought to shore and washed, small oysters are gently returned to the sea.
Once we've sourced our fine wild oysters, we process them using a High Pressure Process (HPP). This method uses water and elevated pressures to achieve the highest quality plump, whole oyster meat and allows for easy and quick shucking. This method is recognized by the FDA, USDA and international food safety agencies.  HPP also neutralizes any listeria, salmonella, E. coli and reduces any Vibrio Vulnificus and Vibrio Paraheamolyticus to non-detectable levels.
Common Man oysters are carefully smoked, cooked and canned in small batches and packed in our CFIA Seafood registered facility to be shipped to retail, food service and home customers around the world. 
The Canadian wild oyster fishery is responsibly managed by the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans through a multi-year integrated management plan and annual harvest plans. Our processing facility meets the highest international safety standards (CFIA, Standards Council of Canada Accreditation, BSI Certificate of Registration ISO9001:2008).