Common Man Seafood & Microcannery 


When canned, we take care to ensure they retain their natural nectar, this is what gives our tinned oysters their signature taste and texture. 

Common Man is proud can the only North Atlantic tinned oyster. 

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At Common Man Seafood we have three core values that drive our company: simplicity, respect and trust.

Simplicity: We showcase a few star ingredients and allow the care, knowledge and skill of our producers to shine through. 

Respect: We respect the environment and the families that produce our food--we only purchase sustainably sourced seafood from the cold clean waters that surround Prince Edward Island, Canada and pay a fair wage to the everyone we work with, throughout the supply chain. Check out our economic nutritional label. 

Trust- Our customers know that they are working with fair people who will deliver a quality product with consistently very good flavour and texture, on time and every time.